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The “Skinny” on your man

April 7, 2009
Skinny Jeans Man

Skinny Jeans Man

What do you all think of this?

I think it’s a bit much.  I can see a “slim” jean. (below)

Slim Jean Man

Slim Jean Man

But “skinny” or “girlfriend” jeans on your man?  No.  I mean, some women might like this, but I think if you can see the guy’s “twig’n’berries” it just ain’t cool.




April 4, 2009

Do you ever get SO angry?  You just don’t know what to do with yourself.  Somethings are so out of your control, or at least they are now, and you just can’t do anything but be angry?

I’m so angry, I just want to destroy something, only I don’t know what…so the anger sits inside, and it just festers into further ugly bitterness…

Flat, Sparkling or Blinged?

April 3, 2009

Would you pay $55 for a bottle of the good-stuff?


April 3, 2009

When I first started driving I LOVED driving.  I still loved driving for most of my life gaining a small interest in cars even.  But I just HATE driving now.  You know why? Traffic.  It’s so ridiculous I just want to move somewhere where there are NO people so there are NO other people on the road.

Traffic and the idoits on the road have really ruined driving big time for me.

Now instead of my car symbolizing freedom for me, it only feels like like a sentence to spend time trapped in a small space.

The other day I was watching the news and there was a headline “kids trapped in school bus for 3 hours” all I could think was “why, were they on the highway trying to get home?”

Seriously.  I gotta move to the Country.

Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

April 3, 2009

Or IS it?

As a North American that lives in a 4 season zone….I always look forward to Summertime.  At least I always have.  I trudge through Winter just “making it through” every year until Patio Season, what living is really about.

But you know, as much as I STILL hate Winter, I can’t say I’m entirely looking forward to Summer anymore.

I think looking forward to Summer is lost on me now.  The only plusses are that there’s no snow to shovel and I don’t have to bundle up when I go outside.  Because, it’s HOT, it’s HUMID, it’s generally unbearable for most of the Summer.  I don’t go out in the sun very long, since I’m fair and deathly afraid of skin cancer.  I don’t go away much to the cottage or the beach on the weekends, since that’s what everyone does, which means enduring 4 hours in traffic on the way up and 4 hours on the way down at least every weekend.  Which, frankly, does not appeal to me or make it worth it.

So what good is summer anymore?  Combined with the pressure to look good in a bathing suit and the skimpier clothes that you wear, doens’t make it any better!  Then there’s the money spent on air conditioning.

I think looking forward to Summertime was more a thing left in me from childhood.  Where you’d look forward to summer because you could play outside, not have to go to school and there was more sunshine.  But I am always working, so no vacation there, and I don’t play outside, and I try to avoid the sun in general.

I guess I’m just an “indoor” girl.

Can anyone tell me any plusses about Summer?

Sick & Tired

April 3, 2009

Argh. I woke up with a scratchy throat today.  You know what that means!  I’m getting SICK.  Or should I say already sick!  It’s a rainy day, and I’m sick with cold, and bitter now.

I have to drive an hour to go to my mom’s birthday lunch I’m throwing tomorrow too.  Tomorrow’s going to be JUST peachy!  All I want to do is sleep!

That Dog!

April 2, 2009

I love my dog to bits…

but does anyone elses’ dog keep them up at night?

Constantly licking his lips and walking around pacing the room and randomly whining to get in bed with you?