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Harem Pants, a.k.a. ‘MC Hammer Pants’

April 2, 2009
Harem Pants a.k.a. MC Hammer Pants

Harem Pants a.k.a. MC Hammer Pants

Okay, so I was reading Vogue or some fashionista magazine of mine this winter and they were featuring harem pants as a “back in” style for this spring, and the forseeable future.

I giggled and choked a little on my wine whilst reading this amusing article.  Because, Vogue is Vogue.  In all is fashion forward artistic wonder.  I am ME.  I am NOT Vogue.  BB (does not equal sign) Vogue.  Sometimes things that are in “en vogue” never make it “en my closet.”  Or of the closet of any other fashion accepting citizen.  Some trends catch, some don’t.  Some REALLY don’t.  Anyway, you get the point.

WELL…..folks.  I was in my suburban mall today looking for some new jeans.  Skinny jeans infact, of which I ALSO said I’d never wear when they first hit.  I’m a pear, I didn’t need to look like an upside down icecream cone.  But alas, they’re my go-to jean now since I can tuck them into my boots, so you MIGHT see a post on her about the acceptance of these Harem Pants.  I jest.  Moving on, low and behold – in my suburban mall – I see Harem Pants! On the rack with all the OTHER pants, just like they BELONG there or something!!! Ach!!

You realize once the virus goes mainstream, we’ll all be infected, right?  Be afraid, be very afraid.

What do YOU think about Harem Pants???

What do you think of these???

It’s Hammertime! (i had to)



April 2, 2009

Do you ever feel REALLY tired? I mean REALLY tired.

This is how it started:  One weekend you felt really tired, and so you went to bed at say 10pm, and you caught up on your sleep.  Then the week came by, you were tired during the week too, but you were working, so it made sense.  Then comes the next weekend, you’re still tired.  Same cycle.

All the sudden, it’s three years (plus) later and you’re like “I can’t remember the last time I had a good night’s rest?”

Then we wonder how it is we seemingly wake up one day and “boom” we’re old….

I’m SO tired, it’s really showing in my face.

How do you stop yourself from getting so tired all the time?

I’m a Winner

April 1, 2009

Winners.  Winners sells AWESOME stuff, for really GOOD prices.  And there’s not a big chance you’ll see other people wearing what you’ve got from there.

I’ve been completely obsessed with shopping there lately.

For my American friends, it’s TJMaxx for you.  Same thing exactly, even same company.

It’s completely freakin awesome!

And I just entered to win the Jessica Biffi (From Project Runway Canada) spring dress.  Green’s not really my colour, but it could be FREE!

And Free is my favorite word.

Bad economic times mean that I simply can’t pay full retail price for items, and Winners is really working for my budget right now, without making me look cheap.

Running away from your problems

April 1, 2009

Is it bad to want to run away from your problems?

I know we always want to, maybe even take a little holiday.

But is a good idea to just pack up your life and start somewhere new?  Will it work? Will your problems follow you?


Beer & Wings

March 31, 2009

On some days, is there anything better than beer and wings?  I ask ya.

That’s what’s on the menu tonight for me!!!

Yeah, just after I decided that a good way to cut back on spending was to stop going out to eat, I decided that I needed to some beer and wings to mull over my financial decisions with.

People, they’re breaded AND sauced!

Just say NO to Mexico

March 31, 2009


In case you were still considering it….DON’T go to Mexico on Vacation!!!

Especially if you’re Canadian!!!

Mexico’s drugwar spills into parts of the US and even Canada.

New York Times Article

Mexico is really bad news bears now.  Slayings, Shootings, hit and runs, “hit and runs” and bus accidents a like.  Just don’t do it.

Birthdays: Why?

March 31, 2009

Why do we celebrate birthdays?  Is it really an achievement that we’ve last one more year on this planet?  That sounds terrible when one of the only things you celebrate each year is the fact that you’re still alive.  At the very least!

Most people (over the age of 30) at least hate birthdays.  It’s just another reminder that your old, and haven’t attained any of the lofty goals you set out to, and you’re probably getting fatter/less attractive as each year goes by.  Oh, and the obvious: you’re just that much closer to death.

So, why on earth do we celebrate them?  Why don’t we just stick to celebrating those goals that birthdays make us dread?  Why don’t we only celebrate the good relevant stuff, like getting a new job, or buying a new house, finishing school, paying off debt?  Doesn’t that make more sense?

I can see the delightment of a 5 year old’s birthday party.  Even a 16 year old’s, where they are very happy at the thought of being an adult.  These are the transition years.

There’s just something that doesn’t feel ‘quite right’ about getting together for an adult’s birthday when no one in the room wants to be there.  The guests don’t particularly care, or want to pay for it, and the birthday adult probably just wanted to pretend their day just didn’t come this year and it’s still 1981.  Isn’t it just plain odd?

I mean, maybe we do it for that special feeling that the birthday adult feels down inside.  That special feeling is secret happy.